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Looking for a strategic thought partner to move your business forward?
Stuck in analysis paralysis about the next step for your company?
Seeking insights on how your leadership style impacts your employees?
In need of actionable tips about people management and productivity?
Struggling to find work-life balance as an owner?
Hoping to connect with a think tank of fellow women business leaders?
Ready to push your business to the next level?

Running a business or department is a big deal – so don’t go it alone! Through one-on-one coaching and consulting packages targeted at addressing the most pressing challenges of leadership, Erin Joy helps women business owners and executives reach their goals, achieve work-life balance, and grow their companies.

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As the founder and executive consultant behind Black Dress Circle, Erin Joy uses over 25 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, roundtable facilitation, business strategy, and executive coaching to help fellow female business owners and executives launch, propel, and grow their companies. Through one-on-one coaching, she provides clients with the resources, accountability, and guidance they need to thrive. In all she does – both in and out of the office – Erin is committed to uplifting her fellow entrepreneurs and the next generation of women who will lead.

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