BDC Mastermind

Library of Recordings

These BDC Mastermind recordings are for BDC members only, and are 100% confidential. Please keep them for your ears only.

BDC members have unlimited access to all BDC Mastermind recordings, and every attempt will be made to record and upload recordings within 48 hours of each workshop. However, there are no guarantees that recordings will always be available as technical difficulties and errors do arise from time to time—so they best way to ensure you get the most out of these workshops and don’t miss anything is to attend LIVE using the details below.

BDC Mastermind

  • BDC Mastermind Day: Every Tuesday, starting 12/01/20
  • BDC Mastermind Time: 1:00-2:30p
  • BDC Mastermind Zoom Link:
  • Make sure your BDC Mastermind calendar entry is set to recur every Tuesday!

BDC Workshop: Library of Recordings


BDC Mastermind


BDC Retreat!!!


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind Part 1


BDC Mastermind Part 2


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


BDC Mastermind


First Mastermind of the new year!!!


Business Planning – Session 4


Business Planning – Session 3


Business Planning – Session 2


Business Planning – Session 1


[Part I] Entrepreneurial Journey; Questions & Discussion

[Part II] Entrepreneurial Journey; Questions & Discussion


[Part I] Planning in Uncertain Times: The 4 levels of uncertainty and what to do about each of them

[Part II] Planning in Uncertain Times: The 4 levels of uncertainty and what to do about each of them

About the BDC Workshop

Where we used to build-in content-specific training to your small group sessions, we’re now breaking this out into its own thing, with more choice and benefits.

More choice: These sessions, held on the first Tuesday of each month, can be attended in either the morning (9:00a-11:00a) or afternoon (1:00-3:00p)…whichever works best for your schedule (OR if neither work, you can access the recording and take yourself through the workshop in your own time). This allows for increased choice for our members in different timezones, and with varied client, work and family commitments.

More exposure: This format also finally gives us a regular platform for the much-requested cross-group exposure. That’s right…you’ll be able to interact and knowledge-share with Black Dress Circle members outside your core group for even more expansive learning and connectivity.

More variety: These workshop sessions will be 2 hours total, with a combination of delivered content / training, roundtable discussion among all attendees, working together in breakout pods, and time for Q&A (almost like an “office hours” – if you have a question, you can bring it to this session). Some months the workshop will be led by Erin, and other months experts will be delivering the live training.