Accelerated Business Growth/Grow to Sell Package

Push your business to the next level.

Do you want…

  • Help pushing your business to the next level?
  • To build a strategic plan for selling, but don’t know where to start?
  • Help navigating the process of assessing your company’s staff and valuation in preparation for sale?

Growth is a common goal in business, but the path to achieving it isn’t always clear. If you’re looking to grow in preparation for eventual sale, the road gets even more complex. Whatever your ultimate goals are, pushing your business to the next level requires strategic planning, expert guidance, and collaboration. With the BDC Accelerated Business Growth Package, you get all three by working one-on-one with Erin to develop and execute a customized 90-day action plan to meet your goals.

This 6-month package includes:

  • Initial 60-minute session to understand your goals and challenges
  • Development of a customized 90-day action plan to meet your goals
  • Shared tracking form for ongoing accountability
  • Connections to get your business valued
  • Vetting of business brokers (if selling soon)
  • Marketing/messaging assistance
  • Staff assessment
  • Review of your confidential information memorandum (CIM)
  • Ten 30-minute coaching and consulting sessions over five months


  • Text and email support on an as-needed basis
  • Onboarding questionnaire to understand you and your business goals/challenges
  • Access to Erin’s business-building tools and worksheets
  • Facilitated introductions to Erin’s Golden Rolodex of vetted resources
  • Access to a community of fellow BDC clients via our mobile/online chat platform
  • Client-only events such as monthly BDC Workshops, office hours, and more
  • Opportunities to participate in quarterly challenges
  • Our Notes from the Inside email, including the Mindset Monday video series, delivered to your inbox every other week
  • Access to exclusive content in The Erin Joy App
  • A copy of The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results, our anthology of advice and insights from women entrepreneurs across the country



$1500 down + 5 monthly payments of $780, with the option to renew or move to a different package thereafter

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