BDC Evolve

Female entrepreneurs whose organizations have grown to the next level (over $1 million in annual revenue and approximately 10-99 employees) will find that the challenges change. As companies grow, the issues become more complicated and owners of evolving businesses will be faced with a new set of obstacles to navigate. These matters can be related to business partnerships, employee management, leadership roles, complex financial decisions, business strategy, and of course, work-life balance. With so few female-led organizations making over $1 million in annual revenue, it can be difficult to find peers who understand these unique challenges and can offer support.

BDC Evolve serves to connect:

  • Women business owners leading organizations with annual revenue totaling $1-$50 million
  • Second-stage female business leaders steering organizations with 10-99 employees
  • Evolving companies experiencing the unique dynamics of larger businesses, with the intent and capacity for improvement or growth

For a predictable monthly fee of $795 (13-month commitment required), BDC Evolve members receive strategies for tackling business challenges and ongoing support as those challenges are addressed; a tribe of committed advocates; accountability mechanisms; and high-level advice, guidance, and perspectives. Plus:

  • A business assessment
  • A 2-hour, 1:1 kickstarter session with Erin to debrief your assessment, dive deep into your business, and define goals for the coming year
  • 12 monthly, half-day roundtable sessions
  • 12 monthly 1:1 sessions with Erin
  • An annual retreat incorporating both instructional teaching sessions and unstructured time to deepen connections, relax, and return inspired.

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