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Pivot Point: 8 Lessons in 8 Years

March 14th, 2019|

Having just celebrated Black Dress Partners’ eighth year in business, I’m reflecting on the many roads I’ve traveled as Founder & CEO, roundtable facilitator, and (in the past few years) PhD candidate. I’m all about sharing experiences and knowledge, so I’m thrilled to share my most valuable lessons from growing [...]

PIVOT POINT: Changing behavior for better flow

February 14th, 2019|

Holding up a mirror and seeing oneself clearly is a challenging task for anyone--even for those with high levels of self-awareness. Add the demands that come with being an entrepreneur and you’ve got a whole other layer of complexity to dig through. That’s why we selected the theme of behavioral [...]

Pivot Point: To succeed be sure to plan beyond today

January 10th, 2019|

We’re all naturally drawn to witty headlines, bright colors and shiny wrappers (and not just during the holidays). Even as business owners, we must remind ourselves to ‘adult’ and be mindful of the often unstimulating but important tasks that can have big impacts on our businesses---especially those that can have [...]

Pivot Point: 7 Proven Tips for Finishing the Year Strong

November 7th, 2018|

A productivity loss of 15-20% is quite common in the last months of the year, but I’m here to help you fight against it. Whether it’s due to the season's distractions, losing ground due to lack of planning, or simply holiday stress, a little recalibration is all you need to [...]

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“Erin’s ability to guide the conversations so they are impactful for everyone is masterful and sets the tone for the Black Dress Circle experience. The diversity of personalities, businesses, and industries results in some powerful knowledge.”

– Nancy Cripe, President/Auctioneer at GRS Auctions

“Black Dress Circle provides the time, resources, and structure to be forward-thinking about my business.”

– Kathy Jordan, CEO and Founder, Jordan Search Consultants

“I learned how to build the processes to support my intentions.”

– Jackie Hoyt, CEO, Hillsboro Title Company

“Erin does a masterful job of putting these groups together. The energy from all of the women in the group—and their varying perspectives—has helped me make some key decisions.”

– Suzanne Woodard, Owner, The Refind Room

“No matter how you feel when you walk into that room, you are going to leave feeling energized, positive, and motivated.”

– Angela Sandler, Co-Founder, xplor

“Black Dress Circle has given me the confidence and perspective necessary to do what needs to be done. It has helped me commit to and believe in my decisions, systems, strategies, and processes.”

– Kim Sagartz, CEO, Seventh Wave Laboratories

“As a result of my involvement in Black Dress Circle, I am better equipped to handle a wide variety of issues with my business. It has expanded my capabilities and my capacity.”

– Emily Castle, Managing Principal, Castle Design

“Erin has assisted me tremendously with identifying systems to incorporate into my daily practices to increase my efficiency and grow my business. She has also provided referrals to strategic business partners to assist me in these endeavors.”

– Joanne Johnson, Owner and Principal Broker, Insurance Solutions Plus


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