I’ve got a little preview here of what you’re in for when you check out our upcoming book, The Anatomy of Accomplishment: Your Guide to Bigger, Better, Bolder Business Results. Check out the authors below to get a little morsel of what each of their chapters are about. (I’ll be back next week with the rest of our contributors.)

Roberta Moore

In her chapter, Roberta discusses how to learn to use your emotions in a way that helps you build your business while becoming more productive, profitable and personally fulfilled. Roberta herself went from having average EQ to top scores, by honing three specific emotional intelligence skills she will share with you.


Gina Noda

In her chapter, Gina shares eight lessons learned while navigating the business world in a male-dominated industry, while faced with personal and professional challenges…yet she still found the courage to start her own business. Like Gina, you too can learn to trust the process, have faith and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.


Hyacinth Henderson

If youโ€™re ready to get to the root of your financial limitations and shift to abundance, this chapter is for you! Hyacinth takes you through a journey of remembering, reclaiming and reconnecting to the divine energy of finance so you too can have everlasting prosperity.


Stephanie Isaacson

In her chapter, Stephanie discusses building a great team, the thing she is most proud of in building her businesses. Learn how to banish the controlling, non-delegating entrepreneur in you so your team can be successful.



Andrea Arco

Courage means so many things to so many people. In Andreaโ€™s chapter, she defines what it means to her as an entrepreneur and gives readers six sentiments for sustainable success in an ever-changing economy and marketplace.



Shimona Chadha

Becoming a successful leader requires fresh thinking, a sense of scale, and consistent results. In her chapter, Shimona provides a three-point framework women can use to focus their career development.



Diana George

A thriving company culture that is productive is the dream for every successful business. In Diana’s chapter, she shares seven strategies that when used, will cause any organization to metamorphose into the ideal, successful working environment for both the employer and employee.


Colleen Biggs

Imagine a life led on your terms where you show up everyday, everywhere, every time…this is exactly what Colleen Biggs stands for and discusses in her chapter. Read along as she describes galvanizing a nationwide initiative that disrupted norms and will continue to place the spotlight on women so we can lift each other and all rise together.


Jackie Hoyt

In her chapter, Jackie describes the lessons and support given by her trusted friends and advisors, which she credits as helping her to stabilize, transform, and grow a troubled business, thereby creating a new and better phase in her work and personal life.