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A third-generation female entrepreneur, Erin Joy understands what makes business owners and executives tick, what makes them tune out, and what makes them successful. From budding entrepreneurs to leaders heading up multi-million-dollar companies, Erin provides women with the resources, services, and support to create the businesses—and lives—they want. Her flagship offering is BDC Mastermind®, a blend of coaching, consulting, and peer support that helps female business owners get unstuck, make solid business decisions, take action, step up to their greatness, and become more fulfilled.

Tired of the idea of the female entrepreneur as a woman burning the candle at both ends, running ragged in the relentless pursuit of success, Erin helps women dig deep and understand their “why” – helping them improve both their businesses and their lives. From producing interactive events to bringing together leaders from different industries, to creating shared spaces for women to exchange support and ideas, to consulting with business owners and entrepreneurs on everything from management to mindset to marketing to operations, she believes that true strength in entrepreneurship means leaning in to community, breaking down barriers, and leading with empathy.

Recognized as a top business consultant, Erin has been named as one of the top 100 St. Louisans to know and recently received the Enterprising Women of the Year Champion Award for supporting female-run enterprises. Black Dress Circle has received multi-year recognition as a top consulting firm in the St. Louis area, and Erin has been featured in USA Today, the St. Louis Business Journal, CEOWORLD Magazine, Entrepreneur Quarterly, St. Louis Magazine, and more, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in business psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.


“Erin’s ability to guide the conversations so they are impactful for everyone is masterful and sets the tone for the Black Dress Circle experience. The diversity of personalities, businesses, and industries results in some powerful knowledge.”

– Nancy Cripe, President/Auctioneer at GRS Auctions
Kathy Jordan

Since working with Erin, my organization has grown by 150% revenue. I’ve reorganized, put various infrastructures in place, and built a high-functioning team that are passionate about contributing, setting goals, and developing processes to achieve their goals. Erin’s tips, tools, and mindsets have given me the knowledge and confidence to build the company I have today.

I always look forward to attending Erin’s programs because I know that no matter what kind of day or week I’ve had, I’m going to walk away feeling much more confident and able to tackle the challenges of being a woman business owner.

– Kathy Jordan, CEO and Founder, Jordan Search Consultants
Jackie Hoyt

“Wanted to update you: I met with the gentleman you introduced me to and he gave me clarity on a very difficult issue. I’m also now a member of ThriveCo…COVID and other business issues have prevented us from taking full advantage of the membership, but nonetheless I’m so pleased to be a member. I’m also now working with the wonderful fellow author you introduced me to. Thank you for helping me meet amazing people.

– Jackie Hoyt, CEO, Hillsboro Title Company

“Erin does a masterful job of putting these groups together. The energy from all of the women in the group—and their varying perspectives—has helped me make some key decisions.”

– Suzanne Woodard, Owner, The Refind Room

When I first started working with Erin, I was a new entrepreneur running my own company for the first time, and had lots of questions and needed a lot of support and feedback. Since then my team and I have grown professionally and learned so many tricks and tactics of how to better manage our time and work together more efficiently. Our team’s more productive and innovative, operations are intentional, and there are processes for everything. I love learning from Erin because no matter how I’m feeling, I always come out motivated on the other side.

– Angela Sandler, Co-Founder, xplor

“As a result of my involvement in Black Dress Circle, I am better equipped to handle a wide variety of issues with my business. It has expanded my capabilities and my capacity.”

– Emily Castle, Managing Principal, Castle Design

“Erin has assisted me tremendously with identifying systems to incorporate into my daily practices to increase my efficiency and grow my business. She has also provided referrals to strategic business partners to assist me in these endeavors.”

– Joanne Johnson, Owner and Principal Broker, Insurance Solutions Plus

“Working with Erin and Andrea is like being in a branding/strategy lightning storm! Their ability to quickly grab hold of my message and how I offer that through my business is nothing less than remarkable, based on years of experience, intuition and astute listening. In one hour I had a clear strategy to move forward, including a new name and languaging for the services I offer, as well as pricing. Needless to say, I’m impressed AND grateful.”

– B.K.

“I can’t put into words how much Erin’s teachings have helped me better organize my business. She’s helped me feel more confident that I’m on the right track, in the right direction, with the right strategies. I get paralyzed by over-analyzing sometimes, so this support prevents me from second-guessing myself too much. Erin’s also helped me prepare for several speaking engagements, and made a big difference in my ability to confidently deliver a great speech. She also introduced me to the team at Arco + Associates, which has given me the support of having a “team” marketing approach I wouldn’t otherwise have.

I can’t put into words how much being in a group of talented, warm, welcoming, successful women has helped me better organize my business, and also fill the “alone-ness” I sometimes face as an entrepreneur working by myself.”

– Roberta Moore, President & CEO, EQ-i Coach
Krystal Weigl

“Just wanted to let you know that I had a very nice meeting with the two business partners you introduced me to. We all took a moment to talk about how wonderful you are at connecting people and how much we appreciate all you do – hope you’re having a wonderful day.”

– Krystal Weigl, COO, Legal GPS

 “Erin’s methods for time blocking has added to the fabric of our company culture in a profound way that has far exceeded all expectations. It’s been the driver of our team’s ability to stay focused and meet deadlines, it allows us to see where we have opportunities for new projects or fun and rejuvenating times during the workweek, and it has added a sense of calm because everyone can come into work on Monday knowing how they are supposed to spend their time.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s also encouraged us to have meaningful conversations about personal development with questions like “What’s going on with me that: I seem to never get to xx time block…..I can never accomplish a task in the time allotted…..I am resistant to committing to this initiative in general…..I find myself moving my time blocks around for other people’s meeting invites”. I am so grateful to Erin for sharing her wisdom with Domaine!”

– Katherine Lazar, COO, Domaine Storage

“I am so grateful for Erin’s continued support of XPLOR – she’s been a steadfast colleague, mentor and friend. She is extraordinarily skilled at creating energy around everything she’s leading, and has the unique ability to sort through information and distill the key items that we should focus attention on – allowing us to build a solid strategy around our business objectives.”

– Lisa Litvag, Co-Founder & COO, xplor

“Erin, just want to say a BIG thank you for providing the space for women to get together and meet and help each other out. I learned a lot by talking to women yesterday — and hopefully deepened a few relationships and started a few new ones. You are truly a gift to the St. Louis community!”

– Susan Gutnik, Owner & Creative Director, Thrive Creative LLC