Additional Services

Erin is always on a mission to help her fellow business owners and executives find the resources, access the accountability, and build the relationships they need to succeed. Sometimes, that means a focused strategy session to plan for a pivot; other times, it means introducing you to the right person to solve a problem or helping you connect with other business owners who can help you reach your goals. To make sure you always have the support of a strategic partner behind you, Erin offers a number of additional one-time services:

Strategy Session (3 hours): Deep dive into any problem or question you’re facing with your company or team and get Erin’s expert input, along with immediate recommendations for taking action. $1995

Golden Rolodex Session (1 hour): Meet with Erin to flip through her Golden Rolodex and find the perfect connections to build your network. $500

Job Description Development: Find the best candidate for your next open role by getting Erin’s guidance on building a job description that attracts high-performers and ensures cultural cohesion. $250/description

Compensation Plan Review & Discussion: Make sure your compensation plan reflects what’s best for your business and your team by getting a detailed review and follow-up discussion with recommendations for improvement from Erin. $995

Annual Retreat (Women Business Owners only): Close out the year at this annual retreat, where you can connect with fellow women business owners and executives and celebrate your successes! $3500 (estimate)

Online & in-person networking events….coming soon!

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