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BDC Mastermind

A blend of coaching, consulting, and peer support, Black Dress Circle has a proven track record of helping female business owners get unstuck, make solid business decisions, take action, step up to their greatness, and become more fulfilled. Get Erin Joy in your corner to help guide you, the power of her network to help get things done, and the ability to crowdsource knowledge from other women business owners. All from the convenience of your home or office.

It’s a winning combination that helps you anticipate problems, navigate challenges, and cut through obstacles quickly and efficiently.


  • Gain insight into psychology-focused mindsets that will help you become more resilient and measured in your approach to business and life
  • Learn to treat the cause, not the symptom by ensuring you resolve underlying foundational issues with your business
  • Enjoy increased productivity by staying focused and accountable
  • Receive regular business education and strategic and tactical how-tos
  • Make sure you come up for air from the day-to-day of your business so you can grow intentionally
  • Benefit from a support network of people who cheerlead you, support you, and believe in you even on days that you don’t believe in yourself
  • Shortcut your learning and help avoid expensive mistakes by crowdsourcing knowledge from Erin and other women business owners
  • Learn how to reduce friction between work and home
  • Get access to a network of resources to get things done
  • You have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee!*

BDC Mastermind is designed to educate you as a business owner, helping you diagnose and overcome obstacles preventing you and your company from reaching full potential…improving productivity, efficiency, profitability, and satisfaction.

What’s included in membership?

Weekly BDC Mastermind Calls

  • Together we focus on topics like breaking through limiting mindsets, navigating business issues, and focusing on what’s important

  • Connect and learn from your tribe of fellow women business owners

  • Unlimited access to all call recordings available if you miss a session*

  • Expert guest speakers | presenters to help guide you in more specialized topics

  • Held via Zoom on Tuesdays at 11:00a PST | 12:00p MST | 1:00p CST | 2:00p EST

Weekly Office Hours with Erin

  • Unlike BDC Mastermind Calls, there’s no set agenda

  • Bring your questions, issues, hang ups, concerns, and anything else that’s on your mind and let Erin help you through the process and point you in the right direction

  • Connect and learn what your tribe of fellow women business owners are struggling with so you can apply the knowledge-sharing to yourself

  • Held via Zoom on Fridays at 8:00a PST | 9:00a MST | 10:00a CST | 11:00a EST

Erin’s Golden Rolodex

  • Get access to Erin’s network of resources to help you cut through red tape and hurdles so you can get things done

  • Industries contacts include banking, marketing, technology, and more

  • Get access to the entire roster of fellow BDC Mastermind members so you can reach out for partnership, collaboration, and more

  • ​BDC members still regularly report the invaluableness of connections made through Erin’s network years after the fact

Accountability pods

  • By popular demand, these (optional) accountability pods of 3+ people are available for all group members

  • You’ll keep in touch with your pod pals on a regular basis to keep each other on track with moral support, accountability and encouragements (there’s nothing like having others “see” you and believe in you to keep you taking action)

  • Networking, brainstorming and collaboration with other high-performing business owners who are moving the needle in their own lives

The Erin Joy App

  • Coming January 2021, Erin “in your pocket”, with on-the fly thoughts and encouragements, app-exclusive content, and standby favorites like Mindset Mondays

  • Premier access to almost all areas and free VIP access to future paid content including mini-courses and challenges

  • Featured “Members Spotlight”: All BDC Mastermind members will be listed in our app so you and your business can enjoy more exposure and connectivity, including with app users who are not yet BDC Mastermind members

The Texting Connection

  • Get instant, unlimited access to your tribe of fellow BDC Mastermind members via our private GroupMe text app

  • ​Stay connected and inspired day-in and day-out

  • ​Ask for support and help in real-time

  • ​Share victories and let us celebrate YOU!

Quarterly Retreats

  • Optional retreats that set the stage for you to dig even deeper in your business

  • Virtual now and eventually in person

  • Do deeper planning, have bigger breakthroughs, and make bigger leaps in an environment free from distractions

  • Relax, re-energize, recharge, and come back to your business’ day-to-day refreshed, with a renewed sense of clarity

Access to Erin

  • Get Erin’s knowledge, experience, support, and problem solving help during Weekly Office Hours as well as through email

  • Email support is unlimited…email anything from resource needs to business challenges to personal & emotional vulnerabilities, and Erin will respond with help

  • Possibility of supplemental 1:1 project work or other additional assistance billed outside this scope at a discounted rate



Monthly fee of $495, with a minimum 6-month commitment required


It all comes with a risk-free 100% money-back guarantee*

Because Erin believes so strongly in the power of what the BDC Mastermind can do for you—especially in these uncertain times, she’s offering a money-back guarantee. As an active participant in the BDC Mastermind, if you don’t experience at least one major shift during our time together, we will give you your entire investment back.

*To qualify for the money-back guarantee you must attend 75% of all Tuesday Group calls in-person
Get on the Waitlist and be the first to apply
Enrollment for BDC Mastermind opens December 8, 2020
Join the waitlist now!



“Erin’s ability to guide the conversations so they are impactful for everyone is masterful and sets the tone for the Black Dress Circle experience. The diversity of personalities, businesses, and industries results in some powerful knowledge.”

– Nancy Cripe, President/Auctioneer at GRS Auctions

“Black Dress Circle provides the time, resources, and structure to be forward-thinking about my business.”

– Kathy Jordan, CEO and Founder, Jordan Search Consultants

“I learned how to build the processes to support my intentions.”

– Jackie Hoyt, CEO, Hillsboro Title Company

“Erin does a masterful job of putting these groups together. The energy from all of the women in the group—and their varying perspectives—has helped me make some key decisions.”

– Suzanne Woodard, Owner, The Refind Room

“No matter how you feel when you walk into that room, you are going to leave feeling energized, positive, and motivated.”

– Angela Sandler, Co-Founder, xplor

“Black Dress Circle has given me the confidence and perspective necessary to do what needs to be done. It has helped me commit to and believe in my decisions, systems, strategies, and processes.”

– Kim Sagartz, CEO, Seventh Wave Laboratories

“As a result of my involvement in Black Dress Circle, I am better equipped to handle a wide variety of issues with my business. It has expanded my capabilities and my capacity.”

– Emily Castle, Managing Principal, Castle Design

“Erin has assisted me tremendously with identifying systems to incorporate into my daily practices to increase my efficiency and grow my business. She has also provided referrals to strategic business partners to assist me in these endeavors.”

– Joanne Johnson, Owner and Principal Broker, Insurance Solutions Plus

“Working with Erin and Andrea is like being in a branding/strategy lightening storm!!! Their ability to quickly grab hold of my message and how I offer that through my business is nothing less than remarkable, based on years of experience, intuition and astute listening. In one hour I had a clear strategy to move forward, including a new name and languaging for the services I offer, as well as pricing. Needless to say, I am impressed AND grateful.”