The Erin Joy App

Questions, challenges, and opportunities for your company don’t just happen during business hours – so your support system shouldn’t be limited to those hours, either. Keep Erin “in your pocket” at all times with the Erin Joy App! In addition to Erin’s on-the-fly thoughts and advice, you’ll get:

  • Regular insights and encouragement from Erin
  • App-exclusive content
  • Standby favorites like Mindset Mondays
  • Premier access to nearly all BDC resources
  • Free VIP access to future paid content, including mini-courses and challenges
  • In-app “Member Spotlights” for all BDC Mastermind members
  • And more!

Being a business owner is more than a full-time job – so download the Erin Joy App today for advice, insight, and encouragement that you can carry with you wherever (and whenever) you need it.

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